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TuneClone M4P Converter is a very easy to use software that converts iTunes M4P, WMA music files to plain MP3, easy to install, and easy to use via a simple user interface. It is available for the Windows and

Mac OS X

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How to convert iTunes M4P music to MP3 for sharing with your Facebook friends?

    If you have purchased songs from iTunes store and want to share your music files with your Facebook friends, this guide can help you out.

  • Step 1. Liberate your iTunes music files.

  • Download TuneClone from http://www.tuneclone.com and install it.

    There is not a direct way to convert the purchased iTunes music files. However, there are some tools to help you convert iTunes music files to plain MP3. For example, some programs record the music file via the sound card while you are playing the file. You can also burn the music files to CD-R or CD-RW disc and then rip the CD tracks back. The second method keeps high audio CD quality. And here is another way that emulates a CD burning example to convert music files in iTunes with a software named TuneClone Audio Converter.

    TuneClone to convert WMA and iTunes M4P to MP3, WAV

    TuneClone is such a program to easily and quickly convert the iTunes M4P music files to plain MP3. It automatically generates a virtual CD burner to convert the music files. Compared with using real disc, TuneClone is much faster. Moreover, this cute program can keep the information about artist, title and album intact. Plus, it is a very good software for iTunes users who have hundreds of M4P files ready to be converted. You can click here to download TuneClone and convert the iTunes M4P music to MP3 files so as to share them with your Facebook friends.

    Please follow the guide below to convert iTunes music files and output them as Facebook supported music files:

    How to convert iTunes M4P to MP3

  • Step 2. Add the Twist Me application to your Facebook profile.

  • Visit the Twist Me page and install this app. Make sure you allow the application to install as a window on your profile. And if you want to make it harder for others to snoop on your sharing habits, turn the notifications off.

  • Step 3. Share the output MP3s with your Facebook friends.

  • On the profile page of Facebook, click Twist Me from the Applications list and then import the converted music files, which should be located under the output folder you specified at TuneClone. You can add a maximum of 8 audio files here. Then just choose your friends to send the music files to.

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Download TuneClone to convert WMA and iTunes M4P to MP3,WAV


  • TuneClone Audio Converter for Windows V2.20 was released on Feb 24, 2012!
  • TuneClone Audio Converter for Mac V2.3.0 was released on Jan 15, 2011!
  • TuneClone V2.12 was released on Oct 19, 2011! Many bugs about ID3 tags were fixed in new version.


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"I've been waiting a long time to 'free my iTunes' to use on my Walkman mobile phone, and the only way I could do it before was to burn to CD then rip back again. A very lengthy process, which normally ended up full of faults and a lot of wasted disks!! Not any more!!" -- David

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